2005-10-27 00:00:00

Using an iPod to store medical images

I just saw this scary article “I use my iPod to store medical images” on CNN.com. Given that an iPod is just a giant portable hard drive with MP3 encoding software, I’m sure it’s very easy to put medical records and other images onto the device. But what happens when your iPod gets stolen? According to the Washington Post,

Across the Washington area, thefts of digital music players are rising, police say, putting [victims] through the emotional trauma of losing something that has become an increasingly important and personal part of their lives. Victims said they felt the thieves got an illicit glimpse at their musical tastes and even their “souls.”

Now, instead of getting a glimpse of an owner’s “soul” an iPod thief could have access to medically sensitive information. I think most docs in the US are smarter than tossing sensitive information onto iPods.

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