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Understanding Autism

Even though Autism is more prevelant than many well-known pediatric conditions such as diabetes, spina bifida or Down syndrome, most people have little or no understanding of the disease.? Autism affects 1 in every 166 births in the United States, and boys outnumber girls 4 to 1.? Little is known about the cause of Autism and less is known about the treatment. Each child with Autism is very different, which complicates the treatment.? What works for one child might not work for another.

In order to create an awareness around Autism, Robert Wright, the chairman and CEO of NBC Universal, founded Autism Speaks in 2005 for the purpose of finding a cure for autism, according to the Web site.? The website contains a video that provides a unique perspective of the difficulties families face when coping with autism. The site also provides a lot of information for those eager to learn more about autism.

For more information about Autism and to view the video - Autism Speaks

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Dr. Bryan Bingham
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