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Here and Now, right now!

The following is an excerpt written by Bill Esteb who provides educational materials for chiropractors. I felt that it was worth sharing and I hope you agree.

Fear means you’re not living in the now.

The powerlessness that accompanies fear is because you’re invested in something you can’t control: the future. In the same way you can’t change the past (the source of guilt), you can’t do much about the future (the source of fear). Our power and influence is totally limited to the present.

We are deceived by the notion that what we do now affects the future. Of course it does. But the consequences that manifest in the future are out of our realm and assume a mechanistic linearity of cause and effect that just isn’t true.

Consider for a moment the countless patients who had miraculous recoveries that you couldn’t have predicted. Or the patients who didn’t respond but should have. The lie is in denying our vitalistic nature and spiritual possibilities. We’re not some pinball whose path can be mathematically predicted!

All we really have is the present. Now. And now. Stay here. It’s a guaranteed fear-free zone.

Dr. Bingham’s Comments:

So much of our life is spent worrying about the future or feeling guilty about the past. Both of which we have no control. We know the effect stress plays on our health and there are very few things that are more stressful than fear and guilt.? Luckily there is only one person who can make you experience these feelings.
Do yourself a favor, stop waiting, feel everything, love completely, give totally and let go.

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