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Happy Pets Equal Happy Homes

The following article was writting by Andrea Glane of Andrea’s Pet Services, www.andreaspetservices.com. I had the pleasure of her join me during a trip to the dog park with my dogs, Ranger and Wrigley. I was very impressed with her passion for pets and her depth of knowledge.

Happy Pets Equal Happy Homes

In order to have a well behaved happy dog, there are some basic needs that must be met. Everydog requires exercise, mental stimulation, nutrition, and attention.

When talking about exercise, I mean a good hour of aerobic exercise. Placing the dog in the backyard to entertain himself is not a good definition of aerobic exercise. Yet, every dog is different. Some older/mellow dogs benefit from a long walk in the neighborhood or playing fetch in the backyard. Other more active dogs require a long hike in the woods, running, or biking with their owner. No matter what kind of dog you have, try to get their heart rate up. If they cannot get daily aerobic exercise, then some type of exercise is better that none. Keep in mind, ?A tired dog is a good dog.?

Mental stimulation can come in different forms. Have your dog work for what they want. Add some basic obedience commands to their daily routine. (Yes, your dog will benefit from a routine.) Ask them to sit before you throw the ball, give them their dinner, or go for a walk. Incorporate mini training sessions into their day; teach them something new or reinforce what they already know. Interactive toys are a great way for them to exercise their minds without demanding more time from you.

Nutrition is a difficult subject because everyone has a different opinion on what is the ?perfect? diet for dogs. Just remember to consider their age, body type, and lifestyle. No matter what you decide to feed your pet, make sure you are watching their calorie intake. If your pet is over weight and you want to give them treats, feed them carrots. Please do not to feed your pet ?people? food. They won?t beg for it if they have never had it.

I don?t think that I need to remind anyone about giving attention to their pets. But before you begin petting your dog, ask yourself, ?Do I want to be massaged every minute, of everyday, everywhere I go?? And remember that attention does not replace exercise or mental stimulation.

People and pets are very similar when referring to basic needs. Consider your own needs and how they affect you and it will be easy to recall your pet needs.

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