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Top 10 Happiest Countries in the World

Most of us have heard the common clich?, “wherever you go you take yourself.”?? According to Adrian White, an analytic social psychologist at Leicester who developed the first “World Map of Happiness,” where you go might be the most important factor.

White’s research used a battery of statistical data, plus the subjective responses of 80,000 people worldwide, to map out well being across 178 countries.

Not surprisingly, the countries that are happiest are those that are healthy, wealthy, and wise. “The most significant factors were health, the level of poverty, and access to basic education,” White says. Population size also plays a role. Smaller countries with greater social cohesion and a stronger sense of national identity tended to score better, while those with the largest populations fared worse.

The Top Ten Happiest Countries:

10. Canada
9.?? Brunei
8.?? Bhutan
7.?? Sweden
6.?? Finland
5.?? Bahamas
4.?? Iceland
3.?? Austria
2.?? Switzerland
1.?? Denmark

With a high standard of living, negligible poverty, and a broad range of public and social services, it’s easy to see why Denmark tops the happiness map. There’s a high level of education; public schools are top-quality and private ones are affordable. The low population gives the nation a strong sense of identity. And Denmark’s physical beauty forms a great backdrop to daily life. The weather is a bit tough, though.

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