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Nike + iPod a runners best friend

When it comes to exercise, motivation is the name of the game. Personal training has exploded in the recent years along with personal coaching. It would be great if we all could have someone who would give us that boost just when we need it, but that is not a reality for the majority of us.

Nike and Apple have joined together to create a product that doesn’t eliminate the need for a coach or trainer, but definitely helps with the motivation.

Last year Apple released a wireless pedometer to be used with specific Nike shoes. The wireless pedometer has asensor that attaches to the iPod Nano and there is a small chip that is placed under the sock liner in special Nike+ shoes. The chip communicates to iPod wirelessly, providing information on pace and distance traveled.
If you want to know how fast or how far you have been running, just push the center button and a pleasant voice (male or female, your choice) mutes your music and tells you how long you have been running, what your current pace is and your distance, afterwards your music returns. At the end of your run, the voice returns to give you the entire stats of your run including calories.

In my opinion the wireless pedometer is a great product stand alone, but Nike has taken it one step further and created an online community where you can upload your runs, make goals and challenge other runners throughout the world. At the beginning of this year Nike + added a resolution goal to the site which comes with a free text message option. The text message is your personal electronic coach that will keep you informed on your progress or in my case reprimand me when I am not meeting my goals. For those of you with Apple computers, there is a Nike+ goal widget that keeps track of your goals and your current progress.

The Nike+ has changed the way that I run and increased my motivation. Today I was just half way through my run when fatigue started to set in. All I had to do was think about the nasty text messages that I have been getting from Nike about my poor performance and I was back in the saddle.

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