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Potassium for Stroke Prevention

It has been common knowledge that decreasing sodium is one of the most important ways to prevent a stroke. A lesser known way to decrease the chance of a stroke is to increase potassium intake.

Louis Tobian of the University of Minnesota, conducted the initial research that showed the the stroke preventing properties of potassium. Since then more research has shown the positive effect potassium can provide. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute has recomended increasing potassium since 1993.

The current target: 4,700 milligrams a day. That’s not so easy to reach when even a potassium-rich food like a banana has only about 400 mg. The following is a list of some food that contain the highlest levels of potassium (highest at the top).

Food/Potassium (mg)
Potato (baked w/skin) 1,080
Pasta Sauce, tomato (1c) 940
Sweet Potato (w/skin) 690
Edamame 490
Halibut (3 oz cooked) 490
Orange Juice (1 cup) 480
Swiss Chard 480
Tuna (3 oz cooked) 480
Great northern beans 460
Winter squash 450
Artichoke 430
Cantaloupe 430
Banana (1) 420
Spinach 420
Apricots, dried (5) 410
Yogurt, plain (6oz) 400
Honeydew 390

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