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Scents that Heal - The Wonderful World of Flower Essences

I recently meet with Joy Young who is a life coach and flower essence consutlant that uses scents to help her patient’s in their healing process. I asked her to write a description of her techinique so I could share it with my readers and I have attached it below.

The Wonderful World of Flower Essences

Nature???s gift for emotional wellness

By Joy Young, MSW, ACSW ??? Life Coach and Flower Essence Consultant

What do we do when someone we care about is sick?

We give them flowers!

This is a terrific lead in to talk about flower essences. Just about everyone associates flowers with love, beauty, kindness, and the sincere desire for health and happiness. The same can be said for flower essences. Flower essences have been used for decades as a gentle form of energy balancing. Flower essences are from individual flowers selected for their vibrational pattern that have a correspondence with specific personality qualities and emotional patterns found in individuals. Flower essences are not just for humans, plants and pets benefit too. Physically flower essences are purified water infused with the vibrational pattern of specific flowers. The infused vibrational pattern of the flower is preserved in water with a small portion of alcohol. Flower essences can be sold as a bottle of a single flower essence or as a flower essences blend. Flower essences are classified as a homeopathic form of treatment.

Flower essences were first developed by Dr. Edward Bach as a way to help people balance negative emotions and personality patterns which can keep you from the experience of greater wellness. Dr. Bach believed that all physical problems stem from negative emotional patterns in the personality complex. However, flower essences are not meant to treat or cure any form of disease but can be used as an adjunct to any form of treatment. Flower essences do not interfere with prescription medications or herbal supplements.


You can choose from a wide variety of flowers essences. One of the most popular is Bach Flower Remedies. Other types include Alaska Flower Essences, California, New Zealand Flower Essences, and many others. Learn more by visiting www.flowersociety.org, www.bachcentre.com, and www.esences.com. I offer complete flower essence consultations and life coaching. Contact Joy at www.mjoyyoung.com or attend my free public flower essence presentation at Wild Oats on NE 15th May 30th from 7:30-9:30 p.m. in Portland Oregon.

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