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Recycle Your Old TV.

At first glance, an article about recycling televisions seems out of place on a health related blog. As you dig deeper it is easy to see the connection. Everything we do effects either our health of the health of others. Please take the time to read this article and learn how you can recycle your old TV.

BEAReCycling writes “As large numbers of consumers are starting to shift over to the latest in LCD and plasma screen televisions, the demand for television recycling is growing rapidly. With few options available to the public, Bear eCycling has opened a television recycling depot at their SE Portland facility at 4532 SE 63rd Avenue. “Ever since we got listed on the Metro Recycling Hot-line as a recycler who can handle televisions, the phone has been ringing quite steadily.” says company president Oso Martin, ???As a commercial recycler, our trucks are really too large provide cost effective pick-up from residential customers, so instead we created the public drop off option.”

Staff at the Bear eCycling facility deconstruct the televisions, separating the plastics, the gold and copper bearing materials, and prep the glass tubes for processing at an approved smelter that recovers the leaded glass for use in new televisions and computer monitors. Nearly all the televisions Bear eCycling receives are recycled. ???Unfortunately, with the digital TV transition coming up, there isn???t really a resale market for the good ones???, notes Martin, pointing to a row of working TVs ???nobody???s interested in buying these.???

The increasing demand for TV recycling looks to only get larger as all broadcast television signals will be switched over to Digital Television(DTV) on Feb. 27, 2009, making all non-DTV units obsolete. There are mandated low-cost, set-top converters scheduled to be available during the transition. Each US household will be eligible for up to $80 in coupons towards 2 converters ($40 for each converter) that allow analogue TVs to receive the DTV signal. This will allow the television to work, although without the higher resolution picture. As of March 2007, all TVs sold in the US are DTV capable.

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