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The First Symptom…

The first symptom of the top three causes of death is often death. ??How often do we hear someone suffered from a ?sudden heart attack.?? People don?t have sudden heart attacks.? Lifestyle choices stress the body to a point that the heart can no longer function properly.? That ?sudden? heart attack started long before the day the first symptom was experienced.

In my office I don?t see ?sudden heart attacks?; what Isee is ?sudden back attacks.?? ?I just reached over to pick up my sock and my back went out.? ??Unless you have really heavy socks, I doubt that it was the sock that caused the problem.? The sudden back attack is a collection of events and stresses put on the body over a long period of time that culminates to a point of no return.

If you did not change your oil in your car for 3 years and your car broke down, would you call it a sudden car problem or a car problem of neglect.

It is no coincidence that it was the camel’s back that was broken by the straw.

If you are interested in preventing sudden back attacks, speak with your chiropractor today.

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