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A New Type of Massage - The Bowen Technique

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a different type of massage from a therapist in the neighborhood. Her name is Andrea Burnett LMT and she practices the Bowen Technique. I asked her to write an article explaining the technique.

The following was written by Andrea Burnett LMT about the Bowen Technique:

Who would have thought after 18 years as a massage therapist that I would come across a technique that would completely change the way I practice Massage. In June of 2006 I took levels 1 and 2.of the Bowen Technique.
This light touch therapy is a powerful yet gentle modality . It has been practiced in Australia for over 30 years and is in 16 countries. I like it that I can use this technique on people who do not want to disrobe.

The approach is to gently slack the skin over the specific area to be addressed, challenge the muscle and roll gently but firmly over it. The theory is that by doing so, you trigger a mechanism within the tendon of the muscle that sends a message to the brain to reset the resting rate of the muscle. The implications of that are wonderful. Since once a muscle is traumatized, either by physical, emotional or repetitive stress, it tightens up, then other muscles tighten up to support it. and others do the same , and so on. You then have a negative domino effect. Imagine reversing that process by resetting one muscle and a whole group end up relaxing. No matter what the theory, I have had profound results with many of my clients in two or three sessions. I feel blessed to find such a wonderful way to help others at this time in my career.

To learn more about the Bowen Technique contact Andrea Burnett at 503.289.4519 or by email [email protected] You can also visit www.bowenwork.com for more information.

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