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Asthma Drugs Increase Death Risks

Popular and long-acting asthma medicines such as Advair and Serevent pose a substantially increased risk of hospitalization and death to users compared with placebos, according to a new analysis of 19 studies on the subject.

“The use of long-acting [bronchodilators] could be associated with a clinically significant number of unnecessary hospitalizations, intensive care unit admissions and deaths each year,” according to Stanford researchers.

The Food and Drug Administration has voiced concerns about the widely used medicines, and last fallit required drug makers to prepare stiff new warnings to the package label. But the new analysis, published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, raises the possibility that the drug should be taken off the market if it continues to be so widely used.

Each day we learn of the harmful and potentially fatal side effects associated with many of the medications that are being consumed each day.? Complimentary and alternative medicine techniques have been shown to treat conditions such as asthma with little or no side effects.? Often asthma is triggered by a long acting food allergy or pressure on a never that controls the lungs.

Alternative medicine is not the answer in every case, but you owe it to yourself and your children to try a gentler healing method before resulting to medication.

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