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The Best Doctor I Have Met!

I have a confession to make?I have never healed anyone.

You might be wondering what I am doing with all my free time if I am not healing my patients.? I know a doctor that is much better than myself at healing.? This doctor works twenty-four hours a day and is always on call.? The best thing about this doctor is the fee, this doctor works for free.? What a welcome change in this world of skyrocketing healthcare costs.? Luckily you have already met this doctor, but sometimes we get busy and forget our connection with this great practitioner, so I would like tore-introduce you to Dr. You.

Dr. You has healed every disease out there, from scratches to life threatening conditions, there is not a job too big or too small.? Dr. You has a natural pharmacy that contains pain medications, anti-depressants, anti-bacterials just to name a few.? Because we might not understand how Dr. You uses these substances to heal the body, we have lumped them under the category called ?the placebo effect.?

You might be asking yourself, ?if this Dr. You is so good, why do we need any other doctors??? It is true that Dr. You can do some amazing things, but this practitioner can only work if there are no obstructions.? This is very similar to not being able to do your work when you are stuck on the I-405 bridge.

As a chiropractor, my job is to remove the interferences that prevent Dr. You from being the best doctor possible.? Many of these interferences occur in the spine where the nerves that control our entire body exit.? If there is a blockage at any level in the spine, irritation of the spinal nerves occurs.? Going back to our I-405 analogy, this would be analogous to road rage.? This irritation causes the nerves to function improperly and transmit improper messages to the organs and nerves that they supply.? This can cause everything from low back pain to asthma.

It might not be a stretch to learn that spinal irritation can cause low back pain, but how could spinal irritation be related to asthma?? As I mentioned earlier, the nerves that exit the spine control everything in the body.? These nerves control the muscles of the low back and they also control the lungs.? If the nerves that control the lungs are irritated, the lungs will no function properly.? This is why many patients experience health benefits from chiropractic that reach far beyond pain relief.

It is always best to consult Dr. You before seeking the help of any other practitioner.? No one knows your body better than Dr. You.

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