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Vitamin C Fights Fat

The following information came from Dr. Weil:

Too little vitamin C in the bloodstream has been found to correlate with higher body fat and larger waist measurements. Now, nutrition researchers at Arizona State University are reporting that higher amounts of ?C? in the blood increase fat oxidation; that is, the body?s ability to ?burn? fat as fuel.

Results of a four-week study presented at the Experimental Biology conference in San Francisco in April, 2006 showed that at the start of the clinical trial, participants with the lowest levels of ?C? had the highest body fat and lowest ability to oxidize fat. Some participants in the study were given 500 mg of ?C? daily, others got a placebo, and all were placed on low-fat diets. Both groups lost an average of nine pounds, but body fat decreased slightly more in the ?C? group - the decrease fell just short of statistical significance, and more studies are underway.

It will be interesting to see if vitamin C is eventually shown to help body-fat loss over longer periods of time.

My comments:

All land animals except humans, primates and guinea pigs make their own vitamin C.? Because we don’t manufacture our own vitamin C, we are required to obtain it from an outside source.? The question is how much vitamin C is enough?? There is a lot of debate on this issue.

The RDA was created to provide a level of nutrients that would prevent disease.? Specifically the RDA?vitamin C levels were designed to prevent scurvy.? Vitamin C does much more than just prevent scurvy.? Immune system function,?oxidation reduction and collagen formation are just a few of the many bodily functions that require vitamin C.

Many researchers believe that there are a number of conditions that are a direct result of vitamin C deficiency that are being misdiagnosed.

For a more in depth look at vitamin C defficiency click here “A Case for C.”

Research has shown that as many a 1 in every 16 people have clinically low levels of vitamin C.? Some of the symptoms associated with vitamin C deficiency are bleeding gums, bruising easily and fatigue.? Some of these symptoms are also a result of more serious diseases, so speak with a qualified healthcare provider if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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