2007-03-18 00:00:00

Helping Health IT firms commercialize their offerings

I have been working closely with Larta www.larta.org and the NIH funded Healthcare IT companies they are assisting with commercialization. These companies have some very interesting technologies and with the right guidance and help, have tremendous market potential. Larta will be conducting a workshop in Washington DC and on March 29 and 30, 2007, these NIH funded Healthcare IT startups will pitch their technologies to an audience of mentors and advisors comprising of investors, industry personnel and consultants.

I invite you to network with some innovative companies with excellent ideas, NIH, and fellow mentors, and share your expertise with startups in need of your technology and business know-how. For more information contact the NIH-CAP Program Director, Larta Institute, at [email protected] or 213.765.4824.

Please seriously consider joining me later this month in DC and provide your advice to these startups. I’ve been invited a number of times to talk to them and they’re very open to new ideas and welcome the input.

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