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Into to Gyrotonics by Erin Landaker

A new system of movement is making its way into the eyes and hearts of the public. Originally created as yoga for dancers, GYROTONIC?? is quickly becoming recognized as a movement form embraced by people of all ages and ability levels. The spiraling movement of Gyrotonic embraces the natural circular tendencies of the joints. More formally called The Gyrotonic Expansion System, Gyrotonic is also a method of decompressing the body from daily stress and the life-long reaction to gravity. Specially designed equipment was created to assist the body in understanding the circular and spherical concepts that this system is based on. Theidea is to focus on the health of the joints by strengthening and lengthening all muscles surrounding any given joint. By that we can then create a central connection to the limbs, giving our arms and legs the strength of our torso, and our torso the support of both the arms and the legs. This immense coordination creates a freedom of movement and good stacking for the support of the overworked neck and shoulders. Gyrotonic was originally focused on healing and cross-training super athletes. Now it has been brought into the public arena and the changes occurring in bodies young and old are surprising people all over the world. So vast in its abilities, Gyrotonic easily has more than 7,000 exercises. Boredom is never an issue. It can be beautiful, lazy, functional, rehabilitative, or incredibly cardiovascular; the tone of any workout is in the hands of the client and trainer.

Originally known as ???The Art of Infinite Movement,??? Center GYROTONIC?? was thefirst studio to bring Gyrotonic to Oregon in 2001. Emma Ledbetter, owner of this successful studio, remains the only Master Trainer in Oregon today. She has created a higher learning place for instructors and clients of all ages and ability levels. Many other studios now offer Gyrotonic throughout the Portland area, although Center Gyrotonic remains the only studio that offers only Gyrotonic without the paired offerings of pilates or yoga, allowing Center Gyrotonic to offer seven Gyrotonic towers as well as specialized Gyrotonic equipment, such as the Ladder, the Gyrotoner, and the Baby Dragon, a tower designed specially for children.?? Center GYROTONIC?? is nestled in the newly developing Northeast section of Portland. They offer everything from private instruction to group classes for every skill level. If you are interested in learning more, please call the studio at: (503)223-3741, or check out their website at: www.centergyrotonic.com.

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