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The Warm Weather Warm-up Workout by Jonathan Eng

Strength training can help you look, feel and perform better in everyday life and the activities you participate in. It is important to thelongevity of your joints and the efficiency of your movements. Most importantly it can help you enjoy your sport or activity until you, not your body, decides otherwise. The best protection from injury is a basic foundation of functional strength as your level of physical activity increases.

WHY: To strengthen connective tissue in order to stabilize and protect joints. To improve core strength and stability through lumbar spine and pelvic control, this translates to better balance and reduced low back pain.

HOW: Incorporate 2-3 days of 15-20 minutes of strength training with your favorite activity. Perform functional movements or multi-joint exercises because this is how you actually move in real life. The real world is not flat, progress from stable to more unstable exercises to increase muscle recruitment for improved strength and balance. For the majority of folks, body weight exercises supplemented with appropriate free-weight exercises provide sufficient enough load necessary for improvement.

Strength training is important so that you enjoy your sport or activity until you decide otherwise. Visit http://www.runneng.com/newsbriefs/news.htm for your free Warm Weather Warm-up Workout. Keep your summer a healthy and active summer.

Aerobic training and flexibility are also essential parts to a healthy balanced body and will be addressed in subsequent articles.

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